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By a teen, for a teen!

The Chesire cat once said, "Every adventure requires a first step". Here we are, making our own adventures and legacies.


Hi there! I am Anoushka Poddar. A thirteen-year-old entrepreneur and advocate with aspiring dreams and hopes. My adventure started in the summer when I started facing problems with my skin and my confidence. Many people would say that it was the perks of being a teenager but I wanted to change it. I started researching and formulating what we know as 'Snazz' today and might I tell you, has this been a journey! I came up with Snazz to help other teenagers who were facing the same problems as me, feel safe and thought about.

Snazz is India’s first major teenager-focused personal care product line. Many people may not realize this but teenagers aren’t adults nor kids and they have their own requirements and needs! During this crucial time, we face new problems like acne, eczema, breakouts, and much more, but not many products are attuned to our needs.​ To help this problem, we came up with Snazz!


Snazz is a unique personal care product brand focused on the suitability of tweens and teens. It attunes to their needs and helps them overcome problems they face. It has sleek themes and messages that teenagers identify with. They can use this product without the fear of side effects as it is made with natural ingredients, is environmentally sustainable, and has no sulfates, phthalates, parabens, or silicon!

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