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  • How safe are the products?
    Our products are paraben free, sulphate free, pthalate free, contain essential oils, are made from natural extracts, are silicon and colour free, made for all hair types and contain antioxidants. They are also cruelty, gluten and soy free!
  • How can I learn more about the products?
    You can follow snazz on its instagram page where there will be updates about the brands. You can also learn more about it in our 'About' page on the website?
  • How is Snazz bold, confident and responsible?"
    Bold: - Appealing to the age group who are neither ‘kids’ nor ‘adults’ - Sleek themes that youngsters can identify with! Confident: - Use the product without any fear of side effects - Customised for skin type of tweens and teens - Natural ingredients and nourishment Responsible: - Environmentally sustainable product - Aligned with PETA and SDG guidelines - sulphate, phthalate, paraben and silicone free
  • How can I order my products?
    You can DM @official_snazz on instagram, or you can click on the 'Shop' section on our website and add it to your cart!
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